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January 2009 National Masters News Column

Hi Everybody,

The 2008 USATF Annual Meeting was held in Reno Nevada from December 3rd thru 8th. This was an election year for the Masters Track and Field Committee to vote for officers. I ran unopposed and will serve as your chair for the next four years. Likewise for our Vice Chair Janet McCarthy-Smith. Our new Secretary is Jeff Brower and the Treasurer is Carroll DeWeese.

Many of you are familiar with my monthly email updates which were unfortunately limited to my address book recipients. In order to reach the entire MTF community I am joining the increasing ranks of bloggers effective January 1st. This will enable me to provide almost immediate news and respond to issues and questions in real time. So get you questions ready!

My blog is at

The MTF Committee voted to accept a bid from a group in the Cleveland area for the 2011 USA Masters Outdoor Championships.

The schedule is:

2009 Oshkosh WI

2010 Sacramento CA

2011 Cleveland

Looks like a nice run for the outdoor folks.

There were no bids submitted for the 2011 indoor so the schedule remains:

2009 Landover MD

2010 Boston MA

2011 ????

Speaking of bids I have appointed Mike Travers the New England Association Masters T&F Chair to the Championship Site Selection Chair previously held by Joy Upshaw-Margerum who resigned.

The committee also voted to approve a standard time line for the indoor and outdoor USA Championships meets. This provide for the posting of schedules on a consistent basis to aid travel and lodging arrangements.

6 Months prior to first day of competition. Entries open with day of event schedule

26 Days prior to first day of competition Entries Close

19 Days prior to first day of competition Late entries close

14 Days prior to first day of competition Detail Schedule Available

Members of the committee are developing a plan to increase participation and therefore membership which will focus on a Grass Roots campaign. Details will be available soon. The Region Coordinators will play a key role within the plan and increased funds to conduct clinics and all comers meets and improve region and association meets.

Enough for now!

See you on the track!

Gary Snyder


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maythro said...

Where can I find a posted schedule for 2009 T&F Masters outdoor events?