Sunday, May 17, 2009

Landover Final Version of Results

Hi Everybody,

On Friday May 15th the USATF National Office posted the latest and final version of the results from Landover. Unfortunately a number of events will never have a time and are indicated by NT. If any of you feel there is still an error the only process remaining is to contact me either by email or telephone. Please do not contact the Meet Director, Games Committee etc as they have been instructed to refer all inquires to me. I will post the inquiry and the result of each investigation here on my blog.

I want to acknowledge the extensive efforts of the Craig Chasse the Meet Director and Sandy Pashkin of the Games Committee who spent many hours reconstructing races from Hy-Tek files and finish line photos. Also, Carrol DeWeese, Games Committee Member who reviewed the
video produced by a vendor who filmed the meet for commercial purposes. The video can only be used to determine place but not times.

In my opinion the timing company was the major cause of this mess, especially the Hy-Tek operator(s). It is my understanding the operator reported late on Saturday the first full day of the meet when we were trying to start the meet with well over 200 60m competitors. In addition a different operator showed up mid day and was not qualified to handle our meet. The Games Committee Hy-Tek expert, Sandy Pashkin, who could have stepped in unfortunately was not at the meet. As problems continued Games Committee member Rex Harvey went to the timing area to lend a hand.

In addition the finish line clock, which is supposed to be connected to the Hy-Tek computer so the computer race time is exactly the same as the finish line clock, was being operated manually. Some one was starting it when the gun went off and stopping it when the first person passed the finish line.

Another source of confusion was the inconsistent posting of the official results on the results board on the wall near turn two. The results would flash up for a brief time and sometimes not at all leaving the competitors wondering what happened. This was entirely Hy-Tek operator error.

I have asked Jim Flanik the Chair of the Games Committee to make a recommendation to the USATF Masters T&F Committee for consideration prior to the Oshkosh meet to ensure the timing equipment and personnel are adequate. More on this later.

See you on the track!


Monday, April 27, 2009

Landover Results Update

Hi Everybody,

First of all I want to apologize to all the Masters competitors who spent both their time and money to compete in our indoor championship meet with the expectation their efforts would be measured and recorded without an error. As you know I am also a competitor and fully understand how disappointing this has been and I am taking measures to further minimize the possibility of a repeat.

After a two week review by a number of folks from the Landover LOC and the USATF Masters Games Committee all the known results issues have been identified and investigated. Unfortunately a number of events do not have official times. We believe that for events without times that the correct first through third finishers have been identified. The Games Committee is in the process of changing the results and a final copy will be sent to the USATF National Office for posting online by the end of this week.

If at any time you feel that your concerns have not been addressed please contact the Jim Flanik the Chair of the Masters Games Committee at: As always feel free to contact me.

Gary Snyder
617-480-6506 (cell)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Landover Results


Hi Everybody,

As many of you know there are some problems with the results from the USA Indoor Championships last weekend. The USATF Masters Track & Field Committee members who were at the meet are working to correct the results. Immediately after competing we all want to know what our time was, me too. It is disappointing if we do not know immediately. If the time is not on the display board we begin pacing the results area for the sheets. Did I run well? Did I make the finals? Is it a record?

I have conferred with the Chair of the Masters, Jim Flanik, who said that the Hytek computer files, Finish Lynx photos and manual field sheets are enroot to various Games Committee members. These records will be used to review questionable results.

Beginning April 1st you can contact Jim. I request that ONLY the competitor(s) that are concerned about their own results contact Jim at with as much information that you can provide, i.e. Gary Snyder M65 200M prelim incorrect place I was in heat 1 lane 3 and finished 2nd but result shows 4th. Unfortunately requests from others will not be honored. Any questions with the above please contact me at

I expect the process to take approximately two weeks at which time updated final results will be posted.

I have also initiated a complete review of procedures for the timing future USA Championship meets including the option our own equipment and crew.


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Indoor Detail Schedule Posted

The detail schedule of events for the indoor meet have been posted on the USATF website at:


Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Record Entries for Indoor Meet!!!!!!

I have returned from a brief time away from the Internet to read the entries for the indoor meet have set a record at 850 and climbing. Congratulations are in order for the LOC. It’s not too late as entries close at 11:59 PT March 5th.


Monday, February 23, 2009

Athletes Meeting at Indoor Meet

Hi Everybody,

Bob Weiner has informed me that the Athletes Meeting is scheduled for 6:30 PM on Saturday March 21st in the Holliday Inn breakfast lobby room. This is a great opportunity to share a beer and munchies with your fellow competitors and ask those tough questions I’d rather not answer.


2009 Outdoor Schedule Posted

The day of event schedule for the 2009 USA Masters Outdoor Championships is on line at the USATF website:

Start making plans as this is shaping up to be one of the best meets in recent memory.

Check out the facility here:

See you in at the indoor meet.